Friday, January 21, 2011



Saturday, July 26, 2008

A case in point

I have just remembered a incident in my life
which I think is important enough to record
before i get too old and forget. While it is easy to be a cynic
and trust someone with caution these days, experiences like this
however insignificant feels like a hot bath at the end
of a tiring day.

When I was a little boy I had ventured far from home.
The cloud dust was gathering and there was chance of storm.
There was my mate also when the rain began to pour.
The sweet day we had looked forward to began to feel sour.
The streets were unfamiliar and the people strange.
God o god we were far out of our range.
This is when we realized it's not good and we were lost.
Going back home was what I needed the most.
Trying to be brave i looked here and there.
That's when I heard a coarse voice from somewhere.
I turned around and looked at a old poor man.
In one hand he held his cycle and the other his can.
He asked "where is your home son? why are you here?"
I said trying to play was when got lost we were.
He gave me the plastic which covered him from water.
Asked me to come sit on his cycle and not fear.
He called out his son and to take as well my buddy.
And the four of us set out in the roads that were muddy.
And in this journey he taught me to enjoy the rain
And not to be afraid of it, to embrace the unknown and not to fear it.
He told me how he lost money in riding us this far,
He also taught me that it wasn't the most important by far.
He was probably a great man and I am thankful to have known him
I went home and forgot all about it the next day
Now that I am wiser i think this memory is going to stay.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Country roads..

What is it about the past that keeps us looking back?
Every one finds the need to stop and travel back in time
once in a while and it was this need that took me down the
memory lane last month. To the places that cradled me, where
i grew, played and spent rather hurriedly it seems my adolescent life.
I must say i am glad to see that nothing much has changed and
i am reassured that no matter how fast they say time flies it can always
be mellowed down when one needs to.

What makes a good childhood? If you ask me i would say green hills, a school
by the lake,a green play ground in front of your house, mates who like playing cricket
more than you do and a lot of places to hide in.

And that is exactly what chikmagalur offered me. By far one of the most beautiful
places in Karnataka, bejeweled by the surrounding mountains and coffee estates, it
is a feast for the eyes. Here is a visual taste of the town

Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is all a bit too much ..don't you think?

"No one knows the orang utan tail composition like we do!"
"Hmm ..yeah but are we famous enough ??"
"I know !! let's put up a website!"
"Great idea, let's put a vedio of our Hairy Tail laboratory in You Tube, while we are at it".

" Tadaaaa.. here it is .... our first website"
"Let's google it"
"Already did!!, look it's in the bottom of the 10th page"
"We are famous! Yippeee".

Hang on to your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen you have entered the information super highway. While the rest of the universe is expanding our world certainly is not. You could shop, dine , rock'n'roll, date, with the press of a magic button. Enjoy it.